Raindrops and wellingtons 

A few months ago, I wrote about a game I play when it rains “racing raindrops” – you basically pick a raindrop in the window, someone else picks another raindrop and you watch them race

A few months ago, I wrote about a game I play when it rains “racing raindrops” – you basically pick a raindrop in the window, someone else picks another raindrop and you watch them race and whoevers raindrop reaches the bottom of the window first, wins! 

As you can see, I like very uncomplicated games 😀

Along with this game, I spoke about how great muddy puddles are and that I know I’ll love watching Leo jumping in puddles and getting filthy when he is older! 

And then a little boy called William heard about us and what I’d written from his mum and they got in touch with us and William had a proposition for us! 

Firstly they showed me this fabulous photo …


How great is this photo? Children playing in the great outdoors and getting absolutely filthy and covered in mud. They look like they are having so much fun! I want so many photos of Leo like this whilst he is growing up.

William’s mum then told us that he wanted to save his pocket money up for Leo to buy him his first pair of wellies so that he can enjoy jumping in muddy puddles! 

But part of the deal was that I had to buy some washing tablets too because he knows that I am going to need them because William’s mum is always cleaning his clothes and shoes after he’s played out! 

So the washing tablets are on my shopping list and check out Leo’s new wellies below that William has bought him 😀


But wait for it, William’s generosity didn’t stop there as he knows that Leo has a big sister and he said it wasn’t fair if he bought Leo something and didn’t get Millie anything …. So this also arrived to our office this week – addressed to Millie X 


What a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I have taken these down to Millie’s resting place and told her all about what a lovely boy William is. 

This is such a lovely story to tell you guys when you constantly hear about so many bad things going on in the world. These amazing gestures from a child of just 7 years old arriving to our office this week, really made our week – William also hand wrote us a letter – so I wrote one back to him to say thank you.

I know that William now reads our page when his mum lets him and I’m sure that he will see this, so I want him to know how amazing he really is and I know his mum is extremely proud of him.

Thank you William from all of the Thompson’s, especially Millie & Leo xxxxx

Racing Raindrop Game Instructions

1) It has to be a rainy day 

2) Find a window 

3) Find a friend 

4) Pick a raindrop

5) Watch them race

6) Winner is the first to hit the bottom of the window

What lovely things have your children done that have surprised you? I’d love to hear some more of your stories, leave them in the comments for me.

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0 thoughts on “Raindrops and wellingtons 

  1. Hi Joanne,
    just reading about little William and his generosity.
    My little boy (harry age 5), gave me a present tonight. He got some new pyjamas and the tags were still in his room.
    he “drew the world” on 1 tag, and wrote ” I love you mummy” on another.
    Silly me burst into tears of pride how clever and generous my wee man is.
    The tags are now in my jewellery box with the dates on so when he is a big man I have to stand on the stairs to look at, I can show him how cute and generous he was when ge was so little.

    Always thinking of Millie. We have an angel baby too. My wee nephew passed at 5 days old. My partner is totally paranoid about choking, and because of you ,Dan and millie we are more aware. Thank you.xx

    Gene ,Rob , and Harry in nottingham

  2. Wow! What a thoughtful little boy and such lovely gestures. Having met William I know what a gorgeous boy he is as are his 2 brothers and all the rest of his family. I am very proud as William is my great nephew. God love Leo and Millie and thank you for sharing such a fantastic story. Good luck in all you do in the future lots of love Williams Auntie Lyn xx

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