“Mummy says that I am allowed to make as much mess as I like … So I did with my carrots, I’m happy because I ate them all up” Leo xxx
 We’re still on very early stage food even though Leo is nearly 11 months old … It was starting to bother me that I felt like I was hindering his development but you know what, we are getting there at our own speed and I know we’ll be OK, so we are alright with that.
Food feeds are limited to at home only (at the moment 😕) tv off, dog locked in the hall, phone put away – how it should be, concentration on Leo – it’s the only way I can do it. 

I’m certainly not comfortable enough to be feeding him out of our house yet – too many distractions around for us outside whilst we are in this journey.

It’s Spaghettis Bolognese for tea … Wonder what he’ll make off that ? 

Happy Sunday xxx

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3 thoughts on “Carrots! 

  1. julie royle

    I think that you are doing a brilliant job with Leo you are right to do what makes you feel comfortable. Leo is a gorgeous little one I am loving seeing your posts the one where he was full of paint etc was great.I will try to attach a photo of my great nephew after eating a pasta dish.

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