Weetabix, teeth and that green stuff

So, at 12.05pm today I was still in my pyjamas. In fact, let me correct that; Leo and I were both still in our pyjamas – and you know what, that’s absolutely so ok!  We’re

So, at 12.05pm today I was still in my pyjamas. In fact, let me correct that; Leo and I were both still in our pyjamas – and you know what, that’s absolutely so ok! 

We’re having a stay at home pyjama day today because Leo’s not been too well over the past few days … he’s full of, well there is no polite way to put this –  SNOT. Honestly, we’ve spent three days straight wiping his nose! Poor little man. Full of a cold and on top of that, I’ve just noticed teeth 11 and 12 coming through, big nasty back ones. 

So this morning, we’ve stayed in our pyjamas with no need to go out today. Snuggled on the sofa with Rolo watching cartoons until he’s been ready to play a little – playtime is only in little stints today because he’s getting tired quickly because of his cold and then he comes crawling back for more cuddles.



So many people worry about their house not being tidy, looking their best etc but you know what, when you have little ones , some of your best days to remember are spent at home with no make up on, hair on top of your head, in your scruffs and playing with bricks building towers. 

Don’t worry about it all, our babies are only little for a while xxx

“Dear Leo,

This morning I’ve been sneezed on and generally covered in green snot,

But it doesn’t really matter as I love you such a lot.

You also threw your Weetabix across at me and smiled,

Now how can I resist that cheeky grin from my boy child, 

You also gave me cuddles whilst sneakily pulling on my hair,

I think you really planned that, you cheeky little mare. 

Then you shot a smile, a real big toothy grin,

My smile it came so quickly, I could barely keep it in.

You snuggled in my shoulder with your lovely soft brown hair,

You like to lay here quietly , it’s a comfort being there.

Whilst you lay there sleeping soundly I glanced around the room, 

Rolled my eyes, had a laugh, toys everywhere like an explosion that’s gone boom.

But this mess I really love, along with little clothes out everywhere, 

I missed this all so much, when your sister was no longer there. 

So I’ll forget about the washing, the ironing and the sweeping,

Because today is just for us to play, of course when you’re not sleeping 😍 

Love from a dishevelled mummy with dribble on my shoulder, sticky cheese from little fingers in my hair and strawberry yoghurt so artistically strewn across my shirt 😀 … And I wouldn’t change a thing xxx


Message from Leo … 

My daddy says that he is running a very long way in April in memory of my favourite big sister Millie.
I’m not sure if it is or not, he says its 26 miles or something, I think he calls it the London Marathon! 
Well, I’d like to use all my cuteness please to see if we can help my daddy raise some more pennies. I know he is working hard as he makes me wriggle and nearly wake up at 6am when he is going for runs (I like to sleep until at least 7am!) 

Mummy says that you can use this link below to donate or you can text DANT01 £3 to 70070 to get him on his way.

Click here to donate 

Love Leo xxx (and thank you 😀😀😀)

*you can change the £3 to anything between £1 and £10




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