You can do it.

Sometimes, pictures really do say a thousand words …

This was an extremely proud moment today –  Dan had just ran the London Marathon in our gorgeous daughter’s Millie’s memory. 

I was emotional all the way around, so I cannot even imagine what Dan was like today but I do know that it was Millie and Leo that pushed him through it.

And all for this little gorgeous creature that we created.

Dan has always wanted to run the London Marathon but he had never dreamt that it would be in memory of his own daughter, which makes today even more special for him.

So, Leo and I came along to support him and we met up with one of our other runner’s friends (hi Sophie, hi Sam!) and not only that we took Georgie (our mascot) and her helper Julia down to London with us! 

Our mascots always get an amazing reaction from people and everyone always wants photos with them! I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that gave her a hug or a donation today (and a massive thank you to Steve who had the mascot job today- he was fab!)


So many people came up to me today whilst in London to tell me that they follow Millie’s Trust and my blog online and that they think that our charity is amazing and to tell us how amazing Dan and I are. I loved hearing all this, I really did. We are so glad that people appreciate our charity and what we do. I really love people coming up and talking to us – it really makes our day. One special point of the day today was when I overheard a mum telling her young children about our charity but she couldn’t see me as I was stood in front of her, then I turned around and said “it’s lovely to hear people telling children about us” and she was slightly shocked that it was me stood there! 

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Thank you to everyone who came to speak to me or Dan today 😀.

We’d like to have once last shout out for Dan’s donation page and our combined team total! We had 3 runners in today’s marathon and they are just £500 short of hitting a combined total of £10,000. Can you help to get them there?

You can donate by texting DANT01 £3 to 70070    (Text donation can be between £1 and £10)



A huge thank you going out to everyone who has supported our 3 London marathon runners in their sponsorship for today! We ❤️ you all xxx

Well done to everyone who took part in today’s marathon – you are all fabulous xxx

Please can you bring me some nerves home? 

I texted Dan from the village earlier “Dan, I’m in Bramhall, do you need anything?”   His response “some nerves please” – suffice to say, I think he is getting nervous about his little run on Sunday, you may have heard of it, The London Marathon 😀. 

We are so extremely proud of him and we know Millie will be pushing him along to the end when he will see Leo and I will be waving and cheering at the finish line.

I know that this is going to be an emotional time for him doing this amazing challenge and I know that Millie will be in his head the whole way round and I am certain the hardest part of this for him won’t be the actual run – it will be finishing and Millie not being there for him to cuddle. Our rainbow baby will be though, so I’m pretty sure this little dude will get him smiling quickly 😀

 We do all these mad things in memory of Millie and to also help to save people’s lives. Take this for instance … we have been working on a little project recently that we have seen go live today and it’s been done in memory of Millie and in her home town of Cheadle Hulme.


Today we have fitted this in the centre of Cheadle Hulme on the brand new shiny Equity Housing Group building after the Equity Foundation have kindly supported us for the last 3 years. (Thanks Equity)   

Basically this box enables the Cheadle Hulme Community to have access to an AED 24 hours a day – this box could save a life! (To access the box, call 999) Do you like the amazing pink design? 

If you are a local resident, please do share this blog and make people aware that this piece of life-saving equipment is available to them. 

You see this is one of the things that we can do because of what we do in Millie’s memory. 

So, please wish Dan lots of luck this weekend for the London marathon, you can sponsor him by clicking here or by texting DANT01 £3 to 70070 (£3 can be changed to between £1 and £3) 

A huge thank you to Cardiac Smart Awards, Cardiac Science and Green Urban for helping us with this project and of course NWAS for enabling the CPAD to become live today. 

Leo has been discovering lots of new things recently, check out his reaction to either too much chocolate ice cream or brain freeze, I’m not sure which! Click here to view 

Click here to see my previous blog and check an amazing photo of Leo out. 

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She’s aways watching 

Okay, so here is a photo I took today at Dunham Massey of Leo ….  

Before anybody says it, there has been absolutely no filtering and I don’t have a clue how to use photoshop. It’s real, it’s genuine and it’s so pretty.

Now it was extremely sunny at Dunham Massey today, so when I was taking photos whilst I was there, I couldn’t actually really see what I was taking properly at the time – so I didn’t discover this until I got home and it absolutely stunned me. 

Now you all know that I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in spirits. I do believe that when we leave this life that we constantly watch over our loved ones on Earth to make sure they are ok.

To me, this photo feels like Millie was there with us today watching and playing with her little brother and this is the way she showed us. 

I totally understand that some people reading this will be sceptical about his photo and I completely understand why and that’s ok. 

After a rough few days (to find out why, click here) , I totally believe that this is Millie’s way of being there for us and I’m ok with that, I’m glad that I see things like this. 

This is a very special photograph to me and I’m definitely having it transferred to a canvas to put up at home.

Today has been a good day for photos, check out how I caught Leo earlier 

Such a cool dude 😀. I love taking photos, can you tell? I was the same with Millie, I found some ones of her today that I hadn’t filed anywhere, including this one of our beauty, she was so tiny when she was born.

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Don’t let anyone tell you take too many photos, you can never take too many photos of your beautiful children xxx

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Don’t forget Dan (Millie’s Daddy) is being EXTRA amazing this weekend and running the London Marathon in memory of Millie.

To sponsor him CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070 (£3 can be anything between £1 and £10) 

And here’s a pic of Millie and daddy just to make you smile xxx


Far from reality

It’s a tough one this weekend, it’s one of those weekends that we should be excited and nervous over but one that we cannot be involved in but we really should be.

On Monday, we should be finding out what primary school Millie would be going to. We should be finding out which amazing reception teacher she would be having for her first year in school. We should be planning where and when we are going to get her first school uniform and first school shoes from. For the record it would more than likely have been Lane End Primary school, Monkhouses and John Lewis. Always used to make me smile seeing kids getting measured for their school shoes in John Lewis.

Ironically too, the uniform that she should be wearing is near identical to the one that I wore in my school in Burnley when I started at my primary school 25 years ago.

These special dates get further apart, I’m sure I’ll feel the same when she should be starting secondary school/college/uni but I’m sure it will never get any easier. 

This missing piece in my heart is there everyday and the part has been shredded, stamped on, torn apart and disappeared never to be seen again and that hurts. 

I’m never going to see her school photos, the plaits in her hair, the dirty shoes, scabby knees or school reports … for those of you that are, enjoy every second, for those of you that are in the same boat as us, big hugs. 

Heartbreaking doesn’t even cover it, I’m dreading the actual say she should be starting in September. 

I think Leo will be getting even more cuddles over the next few days today, as he keeps me smiling when I’m sad. xxx

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We had an epic fail with a family photograph this week, check it out below – Leo was so not happy to be having his photograph taken 😀.

The funniest thing though was that we were in the Anvil room at Gretna Green and suddenly a man appeared offering to take our photo for us as he saw us struggling … Then I realised that he must have so been sat in his chair in reception  laughing his head off watching the CCTV cameras with us attempting a selfie … His photo was so much better! Also a huge thank you to him for coming to help us.

A few of you might remember this photo from a few weeks ago where I showed you Leo’s new rainbow teddy from Cutessentials Embroidery (Stockport), well we were waiting for another one to arrive…..check out photo number 2.

Aren’t they beautiful? So when we received the Angel bear this week, I decided that I wanted to try and get a photo of the teddies with Millie and Leo in by using a photograph of Millie with Leo… This was the best one! 

And then there was this one with our dog, Rolo! How much of a comedy smile does Leo have here? 

 What can I say? It’s been a good week to be taking photos.

People laugh at me for taking so many photos, but how lovely it is to have so many photos to look back on and laugh at. 

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Daddy is running the London Marathon in just less than 4 weeks, please use the link below or CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070

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Lemon Face 

It’s good to break off for just a couple of days and that’s exactly what we’ve just done – took a sneaky few days away in a lovely little place in Scotland called Dalbeattie.

We headed on up there as a getaway for mine and two of my besties 30th birthdays that we are celebrating in the space of 12 months; mine was the first in September last year, one this month and one in August. To be honest, I cannot believe that we are all hitting this age – it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since we were all turning 13 and now we are all married. 


We’ve enjoyed having some time off for the past few days, it’s lovely to get some “head space” every now and again and Leo has loved seeing our friends together again and the country air has been making him sleep so much in the evenings and during car journeys. 

He met a new friend, Spike …  

… In fact, he met even more friends – Leo seems to love animals he seems extremely intrigued by them and watches their every move. 

Spike (the deer above) resides in Galloway National Park which is absolutely beautiful and at one point I even said that it reminded me of where we got married in Seattle, a place called Snoqualmie Falls.. 

We actually did quite a lot over the last few days and Leo met lots of new animals, places and food.

The funniest moment of the weekend has got to go to Leo’s Lemon Face , I know, I know – it’s mean but come on, I know you have all done it 😀. Don’t forget to click the link to see Leo’s reaction!

I love this family photo of us all below, I like how we smile and look happy in it – but it does make me sad when I look back and can’t help but think that Millie should be in our family photo, that she is always missing. Photos can be deceiving – this one is, one day I’ll tell you why.



Back to the Lemon … Did you like his face? If you’ve got any photos of your little ones trying something new for the first time and they have a funny face, let me see by commenting with the photo, I’d love to see them. 💕


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