She’s aways watching 

Okay, so here is a photo I took today at Dunham Massey of Leo ….  

Before anybody says it, there has been absolutely no filtering and I don’t have a clue how to use photoshop. It’s real, it’s genuine and it’s so pretty.

Now it was extremely sunny at Dunham Massey today, so when I was taking photos whilst I was there, I couldn’t actually really see what I was taking properly at the time – so I didn’t discover this until I got home and it absolutely stunned me. 

Now you all know that I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in spirits. I do believe that when we leave this life that we constantly watch over our loved ones on Earth to make sure they are ok.

To me, this photo feels like Millie was there with us today watching and playing with her little brother and this is the way she showed us. 

I totally understand that some people reading this will be sceptical about his photo and I completely understand why and that’s ok. 

After a rough few days (to find out why, click here) , I totally believe that this is Millie’s way of being there for us and I’m ok with that, I’m glad that I see things like this. 

This is a very special photograph to me and I’m definitely having it transferred to a canvas to put up at home.

Today has been a good day for photos, check out how I caught Leo earlier 

Such a cool dude 😀. I love taking photos, can you tell? I was the same with Millie, I found some ones of her today that I hadn’t filed anywhere, including this one of our beauty, she was so tiny when she was born.

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Don’t let anyone tell you take too many photos, you can never take too many photos of your beautiful children xxx

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Don’t forget Dan (Millie’s Daddy) is being EXTRA amazing this weekend and running the London Marathon in memory of Millie.

To sponsor him CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070 (£3 can be anything between £1 and £10) 

And here’s a pic of Millie and daddy just to make you smile xxx


3 thoughts on “She’s aways watching 

  1. Elaine Thompson

    I totally believe in spirits , and the minuet I saw that photo I thought of Millie , watching over her brother , how beautiful and comforting for you all . I love seeing your photos and admire you both so much. Keep up your amazing work , Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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