You can do it.

Sometimes, pictures really do say a thousand words …

This was an extremely proud moment today –  Dan had just ran the London Marathon in our gorgeous daughter’s Millie’s memory. 

I was emotional all the way around, so I cannot even imagine what Dan was like today but I do know that it was Millie and Leo that pushed him through it.

And all for this little gorgeous creature that we created.

Dan has always wanted to run the London Marathon but he had never dreamt that it would be in memory of his own daughter, which makes today even more special for him.

So, Leo and I came along to support him and we met up with one of our other runner’s friends (hi Sophie, hi Sam!) and not only that we took Georgie (our mascot) and her helper Julia down to London with us! 

Our mascots always get an amazing reaction from people and everyone always wants photos with them! I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that gave her a hug or a donation today (and a massive thank you to Steve who had the mascot job today- he was fab!)


So many people came up to me today whilst in London to tell me that they follow Millie’s Trust and my blog online and that they think that our charity is amazing and to tell us how amazing Dan and I are. I loved hearing all this, I really did. We are so glad that people appreciate our charity and what we do. I really love people coming up and talking to us – it really makes our day. One special point of the day today was when I overheard a mum telling her young children about our charity but she couldn’t see me as I was stood in front of her, then I turned around and said “it’s lovely to hear people telling children about us” and she was slightly shocked that it was me stood there! 

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Thank you to everyone who came to speak to me or Dan today 😀.

We’d like to have once last shout out for Dan’s donation page and our combined team total! We had 3 runners in today’s marathon and they are just £500 short of hitting a combined total of £10,000. Can you help to get them there?

You can donate by texting DANT01 £3 to 70070    (Text donation can be between £1 and £10)



A huge thank you going out to everyone who has supported our 3 London marathon runners in their sponsorship for today! We ❤️ you all xxx

Well done to everyone who took part in today’s marathon – you are all fabulous xxx

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