Lemon Face 

It’s good to break off for just a couple of days and that’s exactly what we’ve just done – took a sneaky few days away in a lovely little place in Scotland called Dalbeattie.

We headed on up there as a getaway for mine and two of my besties 30th birthdays that we are celebrating in the space of 12 months; mine was the first in September last year, one this month and one in August. To be honest, I cannot believe that we are all hitting this age – it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since we were all turning 13 and now we are all married. 


We’ve enjoyed having some time off for the past few days, it’s lovely to get some “head space” every now and again and Leo has loved seeing our friends together again and the country air has been making him sleep so much in the evenings and during car journeys. 

He met a new friend, Spike …  

… In fact, he met even more friends – Leo seems to love animals he seems extremely intrigued by them and watches their every move. 

Spike (the deer above) resides in Galloway National Park which is absolutely beautiful and at one point I even said that it reminded me of where we got married in Seattle, a place called Snoqualmie Falls.. 

We actually did quite a lot over the last few days and Leo met lots of new animals, places and food.

The funniest moment of the weekend has got to go to Leo’s Lemon Face , I know, I know – it’s mean but come on, I know you have all done it 😀. Don’t forget to click the link to see Leo’s reaction!

I love this family photo of us all below, I like how we smile and look happy in it – but it does make me sad when I look back and can’t help but think that Millie should be in our family photo, that she is always missing. Photos can be deceiving – this one is, one day I’ll tell you why.



Back to the Lemon … Did you like his face? If you’ve got any photos of your little ones trying something new for the first time and they have a funny face, let me see by commenting with the photo, I’d love to see them. 💕


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