Family Day! 

We took a trip to Stockley Farm this week on our family day out, obviously waited until all the rain had passed as we didn’t want to be out in the cold and we managed

We took a trip to Stockley Farm this week on our family day out, obviously waited until all the rain had passed as we didn’t want to be out in the cold and we managed to have a lovely day wrapped up in our coats on a dry day. The farm is fabulous and there’s enough there to spend a good few hours and have some lunch.

Stockley Farm is somewhere that Dan hasn’t been before until this week … I’ve been though… 

You can see here above, a photo from when I took Millie there in 2012. It’s always hard going back to places that we went with Millie, always so bitter sweet. I did feel sad, on the tractor on the way to the farm, when I walked into the building where the photo above was taken and when I saw the park where we sat and ate our lunch on that sunny day in 2012. 

Sadness is different sometimes now though, the sadness is there pulling at my insides but I can just about smile at memories now, memories of Millie are starting to make me smile more nowadays,remembering how beautiful and lovely she was. 

So. Leo. Did he like the farm today? Oh yes he did! Check out this clip out by clicking here to see which animal made Leo giggle by licking his little fingers .. I’m kidding you not, I didn’t except Leo to smile like this 😍.

I’m not sure he was keen on the tractor ride to and from the farm though as he was very wide-eyed and seemed a little shocked at the bumpiness of it.  

Leo liked the cows too – but it seemed like one cow liked daddy’s jeans a little too much and would not stop licking them …

At one point we had Leo giggling on a swing on the park there and as we were leaving a lovely lady with a gorgeous little daughter called Grace approached me. 

She very quietly spoke to me and pressed her hand against mine and gave me a donation “I know it’s not much, but it’s for your charity” smiled at me and left. 

This lady might not have thought it wasn’t much but to us it was more than she could have imagined. What she gave to me was actually enough to train a child in basic first aid skills which is absolutely fantastic because this child might one day save a life. But it was much more than that to me. By coming over to me and without saying anything else other than what I’ve quoted above, she made Dan and I know that she knew who our daughter was, she let us know that she was thinking about us, she let us know that she supported us. That means the absolute world to us. Even without a donation, people approaching us and telling us that they follow our work, our petition or my blog makes us feel like our daughter’s legacy is living on and it’s working and it’s exactly what we wanted to happen when we started what we did. 

So as I’ve said before, please do come along and say hi to us if you see us anywhere, we don’t bite – I promise. 



So our farm trip was over and we managed to get one more photo on the tractor back … Just before Leo wriggled away from me to play with the hay!   

On our way back … We also saw this …  If you look very closely, you can see one of our car stickers in this car …

 It made me smile and laugh, the first reason being that we love seeing our car stickers on our travels, we absolutely  love this support (click here to buy a car sticker) and the second reason being that our sticker was next to the Fat Willy’s Surf Shack car sticker – a sticker that totally reminded me of being in Newquay when I was about 11 years old and begging my mum and dad to buy us t-shirts from the shop; I do actually have a photograph somewhere of me with the t-shirt on that they got me. I’m pretty sure at 11 years old I never expected to see a car sticker I was involved with next to a brand that I loved when I was a child! A massive thank you to the person driving this car that we saw today for making me smile! 
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Daddy is running the London Marathon in just less than 4 weeks, please use the link below or CLICK HERE or text DANT01 £3 to 70070

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  1. I would love for you to come to Dublin. I follow your page since the first week it was set up. I love following your blogs and watching leo grow, and also the bravery of you and Dan! And also not forgetting the star of the show beautiful Millie. I always tell people your story to make them aware. Keep doing what your doing. Continuing to educate people and save beautiful lives with the help of Princess Millie, I’ve no doubt she is there saving every single child X

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