Sometimes it is just so overwhelming 

We started a charity in Millie’s memory to ensure she had a legacy – we wanted something good to come out of something so horrendous after she passed away and I think we’ve pretty much

We started a charity in Millie’s memory to ensure she had a legacy – we wanted something good to come out of something so horrendous after she passed away and I think we’ve pretty much done that. Millie’s legacy is long lasting and growing on a day to day basis – we never imagined our charity would be this successful.

In fact, some people told us that it would never work – how wrong we have proven them as it’s not what we needed to hear at the time.

You know what the nicest thing is though, the support that we have not only for the charity, but as a family from you guys.

Earlier this week, we hosted a fashion show at a local restaurant in what used to be our home town, Cheadle Hulme. We haven’t hosted an event like this so close to our old family home since we lost Millie, to be honest (and if you’ve followed our journey since the beginning) you will know that we sold up and moved to a different village and I refused to even drive through the town for a good 3 years after we lost Millie – just because it was too painful. I don’t even go there much now, but I don’t make excuses not to go there anymore like I used to. The biggest reason being that the sign for the place where Millie passed away is right on the main road that the town runs through and in all honestly, I cannot stand seeing it, it makes me feel physically sick when I see it and it makes me tremble – so sometimes it is easier to avoid. ( I hope my old psychologist isn’t reading this – avoidance was my weakness) 

So back to the event this week. As you can imagine, it’s quite emotional for Dan and I to be round the corner from where we used to live with Millie but I think we did OK.

The most fascinating thing of the evening for me? The people. This room was full of people from all walks of life that were all sat there enjoying themselves because of Millie – and all from different times and places in our life.

Millie has brought some people back into our lives that we had lost touch with before, friends and family who were in the room. There were people in the room that give us amazing business support for the charity but whom have become genuine friends to us (crazy balloon lady, you know I’m taking about you). People who have worked in our office that still come out to support with their family and friends. Online friends who I met whilst pregnant with Millie still actively chat to now (yes, legends, that was your shoutout 😍)Brand new friends who we have only met through them attending our events, but who we see consistently supporting us and new people we meet that our brand new to us – which is always lovely. Then we have people who we know support us because they have lost their own children and they either connect with the charity or Dan and I as grieving parents.

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Don’t get me wrong, we have unfortunately lost friends and family or may not be as close to them as we used to be along our journey; mostly due to lack of understanding of our situation and our new life or because we frighten them. I know that can sound extremely strange – but we do frighten some people, the people who don’t know what to say or how to act around us, but that’s okay – everyone is different.

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What I am saying is, is that every single one of you make a difference to our family. Whether we see you at an event, you donate, offer a service, comment on line, support our campaigns or purely just offer kind words – you all make a massive difference and we want to thank you for that.

One of the nicest comments that I saw after the event this week was that it was lovely to see all 3 of use out as a family at our event because yes, we took Leo with us as if both of us are needed, you don’t just get 2, you get 3 of us! (Still haven’t left Leo yet since POB) He hasn’t been to an evening event for a while with us – he spent most of the evening wanting to run out – I had to grab him to stop him tripping the models up, hah! I am sure they would have loved me if I’d’ve let that happen! 😂 For all those that are wandering though, he slept for a good 10 hours that evening.

For the record, this is how beautiful the models looked. (See pic below) 

(Photograph credit: Modiste)

Going back to friends from all over supporting us – I’ll use this photograph as an example

Our models from this evening in this photo above  included, people who have donated prizes previously and now actively volunteer in other ways, John Lewis Golden Jubilee helper and her lovely friend, regular helpers, a paramedic, trustee and her daughter, an ex colleague of ours from when we worked at EC Harris, hairdressing business support, one of my online baby legends – you see what I mean, a random group of lovely people all connected by one gorgeous little baby Millie – it’s amazing what she has done and how many amazing and genuine friends she has given us since we lost her.

I think Leo’s favourite part of the evening was hanging out with the models in their changing area 😂 definitely some memories for his 18th there!

So this blog is to you guys, to everyone that has supported us in anyway, to everyone who has stopped us in the street to tell us how we have helped them or why they think we are fab and to everyone who has shared their own story with us – Thank you, love from all 4 of us (and Rolo of course)

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Millie’s Trust Ball is our next BIG event – support us a business or come along on the evening. Click here for early details, more coming soon

If you would like a table of 10 for £450, or individual tickets at £50 please contact ASAP as bookings are now being taken.

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