Little boy man

This week has totally been an eye opener for us, I’ve just suddenly realised that Leo isn’t an ‘ickle’ baby any more – he’s a proper little boy .. look at him, he’s packed and ready to leave home and everything here …

This last few weeks, he’s turned into this real little boy (and I believe that he has started his tantrums a little too early – full blown tantrums throwing himself on the floor, hmm) 

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He’s saying a few words now; mama, dada, gone, car, Rolo (of course he was going to say the dog’s name as one of his first words – Dan and I are always saying it 😀).  I love how he has learnt to say them at the correct time, gone is my favourite – because he says it and sounds so shocked that his food is actually gone 😘. 

He’s off walking around on his own now and trying to escape at every chance that he gets – there’s no stopping him, he is so fast! 

Check out this clip here of him when he was out on some grass on a day out recently – CLICK HERE , he certainly loves the freedom.

I found it really sad last week when he totally didn’t want any hugs from me but you guys were right and he was soon back giving me mummy cuddles 😘

Leo is 15 months old in a week and I still can’t believe that time has gone so fast since he was born.

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Our favourite time of the week is still Messy Monkeys though – we keep signing up and going back for more, he absolutely loves it and if you sing the Messy Monkeys song to him, he grins his head off 😁.  I love how messy he gets! 

Photo credit: Messy Monkeys – Facebook

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We’ve also conquered “The Dunk” last week – that’s the dunking underwater at swimming action 😂.

I take Leo swimming on my own most weeks, sometimes twice a week and he loves it but so far I’ve been reluctant (scared) to dunk him under – I felt mean. I was debating whether to book him in for baby swimming lesson type things, but I saw a class taking place and just decided that it wasn’t me for me – and that was it, DUNK!!! Leo was totally shocked but then laughed and now he’s done it lots and it doesn’t bother him at all! 

I don’t have many fears – in fact, if I do, I always try to conquer them anyway! That’s why I was so keen to dunk – I don’t want my fears rubbing off on him 😀

Pretty sure the lady in the pool thought I was a mean mummy though – ah well, can’t win them all 😉.

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