Judgement or no judgement 

Little dude has had a real rough time this week, one day he’s happy as Larry and we start to think that he’s all better and the following day he’s sneezing, snotty, coughing and feeling

Little dude has had a real rough time this week, one day he’s happy as Larry and we start to think that he’s all better and the following day he’s sneezing, snotty, coughing and feeling generally rough. It’s awful watching him like this; I get lots of extra cuddles though. He’s spent all day leaning on me and laying his head on my legs to rest … I do love the extra mummy cuddles but I’d rather he was all better.

Thought I’d take him out for some fresh air earlier and then to the shops to get some toddler essentials, so I put his socks on and in his travel cot for a second whilst I got sorted. He clearly didn’t want his socks on because 5 seconds later this happened…  He does make me laugh though because he throws them out and looks at me with his arms open wide and an “oh” – as though he is shocked that they aren’t on his feet anymore 😀

He’s gone up to bed now with his tickley cough and his big sleepy eyes and I can hear him wriggling around trying to get comfortable – I’ll definitely be sneaking in later and having another cuddle before we go to bed.

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Whilst out earlier getting our toddler essentials, Leo was ok until about half way through and then he started to get very unhappy. Cue a few piercing screams, some loud shouts and a Leo that thought that if he became a contortionist he would be able to escape from the trolley. Now, what always astounds me is the dirty looks from some people just because my child might be having a little tantrum (and believe me, this was little in comparison to some of the ones that he has at home – terrible twos have definitely come early 😂).  

The thing is, children have tantrums and you cannot bow to their every demand can you? So many of you know just as much as we do, that sometimes you’ve just got to let them get on with it. I’m fully aware that one day Leo will have a full blown paddy on a shop floor somewhere or in a park full of other parents and children and I’m totally ready for it – one big reason why? Millie; because we never got to have the tantrums with her.

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I know some parents may get a little embarrassed when their kids have tantrums and I totally understand why, but I? I can’t help but smile when Leo has them in public and laugh with people about them. I know in a few minutes, it will all be over and he’ll be trying to grab the bin bags out of the trolley to play with them or he’ll be trying to pull the sweets hanging on the sweet racks as I push the trolley past and he’ll soon be back to normal.

You see, I’m so extremely happy that I can take my son out with me (tantrums and all) and so extremely sad that I can’t my daughter out shopping with us too. This is exactly why I don’t mind Leo acting up sometimes, just like many other kids – because I never get to see Millie do it.

So just a note to those minority people that give dirty looks to parents when their children are having a tantrum in the middle of Tesco like my little Leo today – the parent you’re eyeballing might be just like me, they might just be happy to have a child with them that can actually have a tantrum.

To all you lovely parents out there, I’m with you! Toddler tantrums and all – you’re all doing a fabulous job xxx

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5 thoughts on “Judgement or no judgement 

  1. When my two had tantrums my husband used to shout fetch social services nasty dad will not buy child everything they want the kids got so embarrassed and begged him to stop. They were about 4-10 at the time now 21 and 25and laugh about it frequently x

  2. I find myself having to think – “no, the parent does not want you smiling/ making a sympathetic or cheer-up face to the child, that will encourage the little one…”

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