Leo’s first …. 

…Haircut ✂️✂️✂️

We never got to do this with Mills … First haircut I mean. That’s what we did with Leo this morning… Think he’s looking rather pleased with himself and his new haircut. No longer looking wild and untamed 😂

And I apologise now to all the parents who are going to hate me for this …. It didn’t actually bother him in the slightest, in fact I think he loved it in the chair.

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He’s got a little shiny red nose at the moment, it’s teething time – 3 have come through this week which means he’s only got about 3 to go now, he has done so well with them so far but I think these ones have hurt him the most 


We were a bit early for our appointment this morning at the hairdressers so we let him have a run around on the park, his walking has come on immensely in the past few weeks – I love watching him toddle … Click here to see

And here is a reminder of some of his first steps

So back to the haircut. Yep, this was Leo’s first haircut. We were given his cut offs in a little plastic bag to keep, which is lovely but was also sad. It was sad because we’ve also got Millie’s first cut off hair at home but it wasn’t done under the same circumstances. Millie’s was given to us after she had passed away and they had cut some from her in the mortuary, which I am so glad that they did. It was still a very real reminder this morning of something that we missed out on with Millie…but our smiles were still there for Leo and his first haircut even though our hearts were hurting for Millie. 

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Bye for now xxx

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5 thoughts on “Leo’s first …. 

  1. Helen Davies

    It’s another first Jo and every first will hurt and bring those feeling back…..but as you say it’s his first haircut , he looks very cute and proud as punch !! What a good boy to sit there good as gold, my little boy certainly didn’t at that age lol …. Xxxx

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  2. Vicky

    So grown up! my 16 month old is a nightmare and my older boy has always been like this, just happy to sit there and get his hair cut, long may it continue for you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Sara

    He’s such a handsome little chap! My little boy (3 now) has only allowed his hair to be cut once. It was just after my mum suddenly passed away in December 2015. We put some of his hair in a locket we had bought for her the previous Christmas and put in in with her. He has refused (very loudly) to have his hair cut since….I like to think that first haircut was his parting gift to mum as she always wanted one of his curls xx

    Liked by 1 person

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