Mummy went out! 

Big night for me last night! I went out to see a film with friends 🙄. Doesn’t sound like a big night does it. It was for me though because this is probably only the 3rd night I’ve gone out and left Leo at home without me (work is the exception) – even 15 months after he was born, I still have problems with feeling guilty when going out socially – even when he’s with daddy! 

I gave myself a huge headache yesterday stressing about going and 12 months ago, I would’ve changed my mind, cancelled and stayed at home. But last night I did good because I went and didn’t change my plans – and I was grand 😀.

I don’t cry at much these days – not unless it’s a reminder of Millie. 

Sometimes I feel like I have a heart of stone but last night I cried. At a film 😂. To be honest, it was more the music – they used a few Ed Sheeran songs and they always remind me of Millie.


Last night I went to see “Me Before You”  a film adaptation of the book by Jojo Moyes which I read earlier this year. Even though I had already read the book and knew exactly what was going to happen, it still had me crying. I have never been sat in a cinema in which you could hear a pin drop. Never mind a cinema were all you could hear were people crying – it was very emotional. Loved the fact the lady in front of me came prepared and brought a roll of kitchen paper for her tears! 



The film is a story about someone’s decision of whether to go to Dignitas. I’m not going to say much more about the film as I don’t want to spoil it as yesterday was opening day so I know many people haven’t seen it yet that want to. 

The topic of the film is obviously a controversial topic which some people support and some don’t and I can totally see both sides of the argument. The adaptation from book to film has been done very well, although it’s a weepy it still had me laughing at parts – which I needed to do last night. 

Moral of last mummy’s night out “Don’t be afraid to do what you’re scared of, you’ll only miss out on life”. 

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To read my last blog Leo’s firstclick here 

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