Daddy’s birthday 

It was daddy’s birthday last week. The occasions that should be celebrated throughout the year are all tinged with sadness all year round and I think that is something that we have sadly got used

It was daddy’s birthday last week. The occasions that should be celebrated throughout the year are all tinged with sadness all year round and I think that is something that we have sadly got used to now. 

We know celebrations are never going to be the same again, but things have changed since having Leo. It’s put some of the happiness back into the celebrations again. We cry. We always do. The both of of us. 

We cry the evening before.

We cry when we wake up on the day.

We cry opening the cards.

We cry openings the presents.

We cry wherever we go on the day.

You know what though, that’s ok. We’re allowed. It’s good to cry. It really is. 

We of course had our obligatory trip to the Chester Zoo to see Millie the giraffe. It was raining but it didn’t matter – Leo discovered puddles and loved them. I happened to catch it on video, which is a fabulous memory for me to have to keep. The curiosity in his face is so cute.

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I also managed to catch this fabulous photo of Leo runnning out of the Meerkat tunnel, I think it’s a brilliant photo, definitely one of my favourites. 

It was a tough day, but we survived; as usual like we aways do.

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I found it really hard this year watching Dan. I feel so sad for him. His daughter isn’t here to celebrate, neither is his dad and his mum suffers from Alzheimer’s and doesn’t really know who is he anymore, so she sadly can’t really wish him happy birthday like mums do. I know it bothers Dan all of this, but he is so strong. Oh bloody hell, I’m sat in the gym car park writing this with tears streaming down my face. (Don’t worry, I’ve already been in so don’t need to walk in for a teary faced workout.) 

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Back to the zoo.

The bat cave. Seriously; Leo loved it. I cannot stand the place, I hate things that fly, I’m not a fan of birds and I am certainly not a fan of bats. This was the longest that I have ever stayed in there, just because Leo liked it. I’m hoping that he will grow out of liking the batcave over the next few years … Otherwise I’ll have to get brave! 

Which animals do you like/not like at the zoo? 

Now this is a meaningful photo for us. This is the first time, we’ve really given Leo a children’s meal to eat for himself. We still struggle with his eating (not Leo, he can eat for England) but us actually watching him eat – we watch him like a hawk whenever he has anything in or near his mouth. 

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This was also momentous because this is the first time that Leo had ever tried anything made from potato; obvious issues here with Millie choking on mashed potato. I’ve been reluctant to let him do so, more for my sanity and I know that may be construed as a little bit selfish … But, right now … Leo doesn’t know any different. 

I was selfishly hoping that he was going to spit them out and not like them but of course, he went the total opposite way and could not get enough of them – which is fine, I dealt with it and I’ll carry on dealing with it. He wasn’t keen on the tomato though – surprise surprise 😀. 

It’s always hard when I’m out at work and it’s even tougher when I know my little dude isn’t too well – see little red face below – teething issues – not many to go though, just 4 we think. 

I did get a huge cuddle from him when I got home though, apparently he hadn’t wanted to play all day and had just clung to Dan most of the day, it must be so hard for them not knowing what’s happening when their teeth are coming through … He’s all back to normal now though, he woke up a little bit quiet but seemed to enjoy Messy Monkeys later that morning …😂😂😂

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  1. We went to Chester Zoo for our first Wedding Anniversary and like you Joanne, Paul doesn’t like anything that flies, flaps whatever.
    We wandered into the batcave just before 3 o’clock which was the time we got married – we were talking to the Zoo person looking after the bats telling us all about the Madagascan fruit bats when all of a sudden – dead on 3 o’clock – one bat swooped from the top of the cave and flew straight through our two bodies, was hilarious for me but, you can be sure Paul will never forget where he was and what he was doing on his first wedding anniversary v

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