Father’s Day 

Happy Father’s Day.

An extra special thought to all the dads out there today on Father’s Day that have a sweet little angel playing in the clouds … You can’t ever imagine what it feels like to lose a child unless you have and the pain intensifies on each of these special days.

No daddy should ever have to cry on Father’s Day because of grief, but unfortunately millions do. 

For those who can enjoy today, cherish every moment, for those who can’t enjoy today, our hearts are with you.

There are some very special daddies out there who deserve to be acknowledged today even more than usual, please give them a huge hug.

Happy Father’s Day x 

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Getting every closer to the BIG 30 ... mummy, wife, CEO of charity, love to run and currently attempting to get fit after having my two gorgeous babies. Mental health advocate after suffering from PTSD, Anxiety & Depression following the tragic and unexpected loss of my 9 month old daughter in 2012 ... attempting to live life to the full, just like Millie would have wanted. Oh ... I like to write ...

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