Football & Reindeer 

I hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine today … I believe that the  weather people have said that it’s going to be here for a couple of days! We had a lovely day starting off with Leo having his first football lesson 😍 …. Visiting a lovely little shy reindeer called Millie at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge … 

And a trip to a minor injury unit on the way home because I have a bad shoulder and can’t move my arm very much at all and the worst thing is, is that I don’t even know how I injured myself!

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I probably should have gone to see someone at 5am this morning when I was awake crying in pain … But I avoided going as I didn’t want to spoil Leo’s first football lesson and the reindeer visit! (A total parent thing to do… Putting your kids in front of your own pain 😘) All sorted now though, sat at home on the sofa on painkillers…😥

Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts X 

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