Football & Reindeer 

I hope that you have enjoyed the sunshine today … I believe that the  weather people have said that it’s going to be here for a couple of days! We had a lovely day starting off with Leo having his first football lesson 😍 …. Visiting a lovely little shy reindeer called Millie at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge … 

And a trip to a minor injury unit on the way home because I have a bad shoulder and can’t move my arm very much at all and the worst thing is, is that I don’t even know how I injured myself!

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I probably should have gone to see someone at 5am this morning when I was awake crying in pain … But I avoided going as I didn’t want to spoil Leo’s first football lesson and the reindeer visit! (A total parent thing to do… Putting your kids in front of your own pain 😘) All sorted now though, sat at home on the sofa on painkillers…😥

Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts X 

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Getting every closer to the BIG 30 ... mummy, wife, CEO of charity, love to run and currently attempting to get fit after having my two gorgeous babies. Mental health advocate after suffering from PTSD, Anxiety & Depression following the tragic and unexpected loss of my 9 month old daughter in 2012 ... attempting to live life to the full, just like Millie would have wanted. Oh ... I like to write ...

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