Foul language! 

I have actually just been told to F*** off in the cemetery that Millie is in and then the young boy who was in the car with this miserable woman then swore at me and

I have actually just been told to F*** off in the cemetery that Millie is in and then the young boy who was in the car with this miserable woman then swore at me and gave me two fingers as she did to!

The reason why? I asked her to move her car from the double yellow lines that she had parked at that led to her ultimately blocking the road around the cemetery. When people block the road this way – other people start to then drive over the grass verges, what the don’t actually realise is that when they do this; 

A) They are only actually millimetres some times from people who have been buried, two near Millie in particular are a young girl and a young baby only a few months old.

B) They have ruined the grass after because they have been lazy.

Before I even finished my sentence trying to ask her to the move the car, she started swearing at me very loud (in front of Leo I might add) in the middle of he cemetery and then after she came back to her car, she then shouted to me to F*** off again and this is when she and the young boy both gave me two fingers.

Fantastic manners that you are teaching  the young boy there, but she was rude, loud and obnoxious so maybe I should have expected it.

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The cemetery where Millie is (we have never publicaly announced this and you’ll only know if you see us there or you’ve seen Millie’s resting place), we think is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Stockport and it needs to stay this year. 

This is a constant aggravation throughout the year and it really annoys us as it is purely down to people being lazy. 

When we arrived today, the cemetery was really busy and we couldn’t park anywhere, we had to park across the cemetery and walk across with Leo in his buggy – thing is though, is that it isn’t actually that far across the cemetery, so she really was just being completely lazy. 
This rude human being earlier tried to tell me that there were no car park spaces, actually there was , (see pic on my way out) and behind this pic is a big parking area. She was just being completely lazy and wanted to dump her car right next to where she was visiting.

(You might be thinking here that maybe she had something big to get old of the car with her ? Nope, just a tiny box of Christmas lights that fit in one hand 😡) 

I’m actually disgusted that she spoke to me this way in a cemetery, it was very abusive and uneccesary. 

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If you are visiting grassed cemeteries in particular this year, please don’t ruin the grass with your cars if you aren’t a usual visitor because it ruins the area for a long time afterwards, all to save you a couple of minutes walk. 

It’s so lovely to see people visiting much more this time of year and all the resting places looking beautiful and dressed for Christmas … but come , I didn’t really need to be to “beep off” did I ? 

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0 thoughts on “Foul language! 

  1. I am so sorry you had to encounter this vile so called human being and the child .. just no need let alone in a cemetery.
    I just don’t know why people are so rude .. it’s truly sad

      1. you are welcome

        Where my mum is buried – they dont even open the car gates on holidays like Christmas or Mother’s Day to drive in – which is awful for my dad as he is on oxygen and cannot walk far there is no way he can walk down to see his wife (15 min walk down for me) and they are even considering to close it completely to cars (except for funerals of course) and the reasons are like you talk about in your blog … some people are just so rude and have no respect for others which then causes consequences for others like us

        Hope you, Dan and Leo are having a lovely day ( as best as you can anyways <3) xx

  2. I sometimes park on yellow lines to be near enough to a grave to get to it. I’m disabled but if the car became an obstruction my husband would move it then fetch it back when I was ready to leave. Never would I be obnoxious to anyone rules are there for a reason. I feel sorry for the child with her as they have the same foul mouth and lack of manners because of her example x

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