We did it, we moved! 

Moving house … NEVER AGAIN … the last two weeks have been absolutely manic and I can honestly say that this is it … we are never moving again! I am so unbelievably tired after

Moving house … NEVER AGAIN … the last two weeks have been absolutely manic and I can honestly say that this is it … we are never moving again!

I am so unbelievably tired after spending the two weeks before we moved packing our old house up after Leo had gone to bed; up until daft o’clock in the morning trying to get it done! We only actually got 5 days notice officially that we could move in but we did it and it was so much hard work, luckily we had some amazing friends helping us out. I was adamant that we were going to be in for Christmas then we could have our first proper Christmas here and actually enjoy it. 8 weeks from acceptance of offer to actually moving in … it pays to have a good solicitor!



This is why I haven’t blogged this week because I have so tired, my eyes just haven’t been working at all. 

(Giraffe came with us 😂)

This is it now, this is our forever home. We love our new home and it is so lovely to feel like that. Of course, there are so many things that we want to do to the house but if it takes us 10 years to get my kitchen island (always dreamt of having one of these for my kids to sit around whilst I’m cooking), decorate the bedrooms and the halls, stairs and landing (I have promised Dan that we can save up and get the decorators in for this specific job because he was tortured doing this in our last house). 

We actually only did it to freshen up the house to sell it and we’ve just found out the owners of our last house have already been in and stripped it all to redecorate, Dan was absolutely gutted and nearly crying after all his hard work had been stripped … I was just crying with laughter 😂.

Our last house never actually felt like home. It’s actually really sad to say that because it was Leo’s home. We moved in there in a very dazed state after losing Millie as it is what we needed at the time and of course we are extremely grateful to everyone that helped us at the time. We never really went back to the home we had with Millie because it backed on to the place where Millie had her choking incident and we couldn’t face looking out there and seeing it everyday, it wasn’t good for our mental health at all.

So we packed up and left and had a new house. Not a home, a house. I couldn’t wait to leave as soon as we moved in and Dan soon felt the same way. The house had it’s purpose and it has served it and now we are ready to ensure that we have our perfect forever home, I can actually see us growing old here and Leo growing up here.

I don’t remember moving into our last house at all or viewing other houses or signing contracts. I don’t remember the day that we moved in or how we moved or who helped us. It’s an unbelievable big black hole in my head. I thought that once the house was empty I would remember moving in, but absolutely nothing. My brain obviously doesn’t want me to remember this sad time.

(Once last look for Leo in his empty bedroom) 

One good thing about our old house that that we have just left is that we had some amazing neighbours who have actually become very special friends to us and helped us so much, in particular with Leo and our doggy! 

The sad thing for us moving in here of course is that we had already planned things for the baby’s nursery, the baby that I lost nearly 4 weeks ago now (see blog here).
But, I am not dwelling on it. I cannot change what happened and I am not going to let what happened to our unborn baby taint our forever home. I know my Millie and this little dude will be with us here all the time watching over for Leo, I can feel it. 

So, that’s it for now because I am off for a well deserved bath with my magazines after all our hard work moving! (Pretty sure Dan is downstairs right now having a rest too by having a beer! 

Here is to our forever home! xxx

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  1. Jo and Dan and Leo wishing you every happiness in your new home together.wishing you a happy Christmas too.
    I think of you often thinking how proud Millie will be with all the things that you have done to try and bring awarness of paediatric first aid. Xxxx

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