Unexpected Reminders

This has got to be one of my all time least favourite statuses that Facebook shows me every year …

It reminds me what was about to come and how much of our future we were going to lose.

I was so excited to buy Millie her first Halloween costume, it was a black & purple cat onesie with little ears and I’d arranged a little Halloween party at home for Halloween weekend for a few of our friends.

Text MILL05 £5 to donate for Millie’s 5th anniversary.

(Donation can be changed from £1 to £10)

This is one of our last ever photos taken of Millie, we never did get to see her in the Halloween outfit x

This outfit is a haunting image for me now as I clearly remember going back to our house for the first time after we lost her, just before her funeral and it being hanging over her cot … just waiting for her .. but now it was never going to be used.

This month is getting tougher now, every day seems a little harder as we she towards her anniversary .

Treasure each day as you never know what is around the corner xxx

Help us to raise £2,000 for Millie’s 5th Anniversary – click here to see what for x

Or text MILL05 £5 to 70070

(Donation can be changed to between £1 and £10)

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