Aerial Hoops

Never in a million years did I think that I would ever be doing something like Aerial Hooping; I mean a week ago, I didn’t even know what that even was.

I’ve been working out with That SquatBot and she decided that she wanted to put some random sessions of fun different activities on and this was the first one.

Heading on over to Stockport on Saturday afternoon after I had already walked 3.5 miles to the gym and done an hour workout, I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether I was actually going to enjoy myself.

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On walking in to Cloud Aerial Arts, Stockport we were met with a lovely room with some fabulous splatter art on the wall but it was very warm with the lovely weather we were having. I reckon that there were about 8 of us, most of us whom had never done this before and a couple of lovely ladies that had.

After a little warm up, the teacher had us straight into the hoops. Okay, so this sounds really easy – it isn’t. You have to throw your whole body weight at the hoop to get you leg over… I’ll leave that there. 

After finally being able to swing my leg into the hoop, the fun started as we got to learn little tricks. I loved just hanging around in the hoop whilst it span around but I have to say that my favourite move was doing a spin. Yes, I know – in the video clip, I fall off at the end but it was hilarious.

We also go to have a go on Silks, which I actually loved. Sounds really weird but when i went upside down in the silk, i just hadn’t realised that everyone else would be upside down too and this made me laugh out loud… it was stupidly so unexpected but so much fun.

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After 2 hours of Aerial Hooping we were all ready for a drink (which Squatbot so kindly provided) and to head home. It was a fantastic experience and was great to try something new and probably something that I just wouldn’t have picked to do myself normally.

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Waking up this morning though, wow have I felt it. I actually slept with an ice pack behind my knee last night as it was so sore but this morning that pain has pretty much gone and I am literally just aching everywhere, which shows what a good workout that it is on the body.

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Despite the cracking bruises that I am rocking today, I would definitely do it all over again tomorrow and the day after; although I’m not sure how much I am actually going to be able to move in my gym session tomorrow 😂

I heard that the next one of these events that SquatBot has lined up is a beginner’s strongman event and I am very much looking forward it.

Well done Squatbot on arranging these events, fabulous idea.

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