Tarantula Laughs

This week has been mainly about giggles, smiles and laughing 😀.

Leo has suddenly got much more interactive with everything and it’s so fun but also heartbreaking to watch. I watch him picking balls up and rolling them around and I can’t help but smile with a tear in my eye for his big sister Mills. I love watching him grow so much and developing but some days it is just so hard and so sad.

My new favourite thing this week is that I have taught Leo put things into a box/bag and then take them back out again! I know, I know  it’s a really simple thing but it has highly amused me this week. 

Today has been a daddy day as mummy was at work…  

daddy put up one of his birthday presents from last month and filled it with colourful balls, he loves it in there; he even let mummy crawl into it and laughed at me, as though he knew that I shouldn’t have been in there.

On mummy day, we did this CLICK HERE TO SEE, well he absolutely loved it! His giggle is so infectious 😀. When daddy came home and saw what I was doing, his first words on walking into the house were “I hope you’re going to pick them all up later” – my response was that we had done it 20 times in and out already, just because it made Leo giggle so much. I love to hear him giggle.  We had our, what has now become our weekly visit to Messy Monkeys and he of course loved it again. Which I found quite amusing because he had been in an awful mood just half an hour earlier and suddenly when we arrived at messy monkeys, he turned into this good as gold little boy! I’ve heard these classes are getting very well booked up now, which is fab and Leo can’t wait to make new friends at his class.

We had a visit to Salford Royal hospital this week, don’t worry we didn’t have any accidents. I do have to say though, what an amazing building they have there (the old one) it’s beautiful. I had to go for a head scan as I’ve been randomly falling over and losing my balance, so they’re just being safe and checking me. I’m sure it’s nothing – I get very bad migraines and have had vertigo for quite few years as a symptom (and yes – it is confirmed vertigo by docs)so they seem to think it’s related to that. I’m not surprised some people struggle having the scans done though, it can be extremely claustrophobic. I on the other hand was giggling because all I could think about was the last time that I was put in an enclosed situation and it’s when I spent the evening with zombies! Remember the fundraiser that I took part in last Autumn? Organised by Events2scare, well they covered me up and put a tarantula on me! I was half expecting someone to throw a tarantula at me during the scan.😂

If you don’t like spiders or zombies, scroll past the next photo extremely fast! 


Let’s see what the Easter weekend brings for our little giggle monster xxx

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Once again, we are running our Easter text campaign on behalf of our Millie at Easter. We of course cannot buy our little girlie a big chocolate Easter egg but instead would ❤️ to see your kids with theirs and a donation for a virtual Easter egg for Millie over this Easter holiday. 

TEXT EGGS01 £3 to 70070 to send Millie a virtual Easter egg and then show us your text confirmation along with a pic of your little one celebrating Easter! 

This could be wearing an Easter bonnet, with chocolate around their mouth, sat with their Easter eggs etc!!!

The best ones will be selected to take Georgie’s place in this selfie photo (can you see, she’s got bunny ears on) and will win a prize!!!! 


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