To eat or not to eat (outside that is) 

As many of you know I have had “issues” with Leo eating because of what happened to Millie – to be honest, it petrified the life out of me and we didn’t start to wean

As many of you know I have had “issues” with Leo eating because of what happened to Millie – to be honest, it petrified the life out of me and we didn’t start to wean him for a long time after we should’ve done really but now things have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still petrified now but I now understand that Leo has to learn to eat like a normal child.

Since the beginning of this year, Leo has been broadening his horizons with regards to what he eats and we are doing good now – but the one thing that had me stuck was him eating outside the house.

At home, (you might think I’m a  crazy lady here) but Leo sits in his high chair and the tv is off, the curtains are closed and there’s no noise (even the dog knows to behave at this point) – it’s the only way I can do it, absolutely no distraction – just Leo and I sitting together. I don’t take my eyes off him for a second if he is chewing and I’m teaching him to open his mouth to show me that it’s empty – he’s actually learning really fast, he pushes our hand away if he is still eating if we try to feed him something else and he hasn’t quite finished what is in his mouth.

Up until about four weeks ago though, I refused to let him eat outside the house, which meant that we had to plan trips out around his mealtimes or I would rush back home to feed him if he was grumpy for food or I would give him milk –  as you can imagine, this hasn’t been easy and we needed something to happen to stop this. 

Then we had a few days away with friends. Up until this point, I hadn’t even fed Leo in front of anyone – I didn’t even tell some of our closest friends that whilst we were away as I didn’t want a big deal making out of it … And it worked!!! 

We were away and we had to feed him, we had no choice. We could have reverted back to milk – but that wasn’t fair on him.

So here he is, Leo eating outside of the house! 

Chiquito – Manchester 

March Hare – Cheadle 

Having his first afternoon tea with mummy and friends! 

I’m the same when Leo eats outside the house, if Leo is eating only one of either Dan or myself is eating .. Not both, this way – one of us is totally concentrating on him. I know that this cannot (and will not) last this way forever but right now it is what enables Leo to eat outside, if not, we’d be back at the stage we were a couple of months ago and I don’t want to be there.

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Leo absolutely loves his food, so much so, that he screams the place down for a good minute when he has finished his meal and don’t ever say the words “all gone”  to him or you will have had it! 😂

As you can see in the photo below, Leo cannot take his eyes off people eating now – especially when eating yoghurts, just like the lovely Maisie that he was playing with at the time this photo was taken. (Check out the one shoe/one sock cool stance 😍) 

Everytime Leo takes a mouthful of food or drink – it sends shivers down my spine, I feel sick and I actually shake inside, I can feel it.

Sometimes I cry, if he’s eating something that Millie liked and some days I just can’t cope with it and Dan will feed him all day – we do it between us and it’s working.



Flipping heck, I’m sat here crying now even thinking about it all.

Even this weekend, I let a friend of ours give him a piece of fruit whilst I was holding him on a day out – this has not happened before and it only happened because it was spontaneous, if it was planned – I probably wouldn’t have let him have it (thanks Kelly 😀, you’re only just finding that out now 😀) 

We get quite a few messages in from mums who are scared to start weaning their babies and I always say to them, just take it slowly and at your own pace and go on a paediatric first aid course to make sure that you are ready to deal with the worst of it ever happens.

Moral of this blog: 

I’ve dealt with a massive hurdle here and I deal with it every day, but guess what? 

I’m still here xx

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  1. Beautifully written as always. You have come such a long way – even though I’ve never met you I am so very proud of everything you’ve achieved. Well done. X

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