Father’s Day 2016

So it’s not been too bad today. Father’s Day I mean, Leo and I have tried to make it fun for daddy – I know he’s had a few wobbly moments but all in all,

So it’s not been too bad today. Father’s Day I mean, Leo and I have tried to make it fun for daddy – I know he’s had a few wobbly moments but all in all, Daddy Dan has done well. 

Leo very kindly let us lie in until 8am this morning until he wanted Daddy to open his presents and have his breakfast (and then sat and pinched some of Daddy’s cereal too).

We then headed off to Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington, some of you may remember that we had a lovely team of people release a song in memory of Millie and this was the location of the launch a few years ago. 

We hadn’t been to the gardens until today though, so we headed on there today. It’s really nice, there’s a huge play area for the kids, a “zoo” onsite etc and you can do all this for just the £3.50 parking fee (£2.50) during the week, so a lovely cheap day out! Unfortunately we hadn’t been there long when we got rained on and had to head back to the car … But we are definitely going back there again soon as it’s great. 

We headed on to the Trafford Centre and it turns out that Leo got spoilt today along with Daddy because we decided to pop into Build-A-Bear, we haven’t been there before but it’s fab, and we got two of the teddies in a great deal … 

I thought the whole process was great, Leo got to stand on the pedal to stuff the teddy and then he even got to pick them both a heart to make them “come alive”. It’s such a cute little process for the kiddies to see happening. There are so many to choose from but in the end we went for these in the pic below 

Captain America and Iron Man. 😀

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I’m not sure that Leo knew what to make of them at first, but he has got very friendly at home with them now, he’s clearly trying to start little conversations with them … daddy seems to get on well with them too. 😂

And of course … We visited our Millie and Grandpa Frank. We took Millie a little dinosaur that Dan had picked for her when we were at Chester Zoo last week (as I’ve been down to see her twice since and forgot to take it both times 🙄)

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We could see at the cemetery today a lot of people had visited their dads, with it being Father’s Day, who have sadly passed away as there were a lot of new and fresh flowers that had been laid; which is so lovely to see as it sometimes very sad to see resting places where it’s clear that no on has visited for a long time. You would honestly be surprised though if you knew how many people were there visiting their children on this special day today – as we pulled up, we happened to pass another family who we know were there to visit their son. It’s so so sad.

Dan still writes his dad cards on special occasions, just like we do for Millie. I know some people will find this a little strange – but it’s what we do and unless you’ve walked our shoes … 

So to everyone today who has cried because there dad has passed away and you are sad today, here is a big hug for you xxxx

But an extra special hug and heartfelt love to all daddies with Angel children, you’ve done fabulous to get through this special day. 


Our little angel Millie xxx

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