A year ago today, I realised that I thought we were losing our baby that I was about 10 weeks pregnant with.

We were having a lovely family day out when I had the tiniest of bleeds and thought I’d better get myself checked as I’d never had this before in pregnancy.

A few days later, I found out that it was definite, that we were losing our baby.

I had had a missed miscarriage which meant I just had to wait to fully miscarry for up to 2 weeks, it fully happened pretty much 2 weeks later.

Today I’m remembering.

Leo is our rainbow baby following our loss of Millie and Asher who is led here in my arms at just 3 weeks old, is a rainbow baby too following the loss of Millie and the baby that I miscarried. I might not of held the baby in my arms that I miscarried, but they’ll always be in my heart. xxx

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What is a Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of child. They are called the because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come

What’s a missed miscarriage? Why does it happen?

A missed miscarriage (also called silent or delayed miscarriage) is where the baby has died or failed to develop but your body has not actually miscarried him or her. The scan picture shows a pregnancy sac with a baby (or fetus or embryo) inside, but there is no heartbeat and the pregnancy looks smaller than it should be at this stage. Pregnancy hormone levels may still be high, so you may have had no idea that anything was wrong, still feel pregnant and have a positive pregnancy test.

It’s not clear if there is a particular reason for this kind of miscarriage. Some people think it’s just the downside of early pregnancy tests and ultrasound: if the miscarriage wasn’t diagnosed on, say, a booking scan, you would only know you had miscarried when that physical process started.

Source: Miscarriage Association

3 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Jo Wood

    Its so hard isn’t it. It came up in my timeline last week, when we announced we where pregnant 4 years ago, a week later my baby was gone. My 3rd miscarriage, 2 before my nearly 18 year old son. So out of 4 pregnancies I have just 1 son. Xx

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  2. Joanne Weatherby

    Thinking of you and sending lots of love. I had several miscarriages but the hardest was a missed miscarriage. I chose to go into hospital as I was struggling mentally and I suppose needed the wait to be over. I think about my lost babies every single day and who they might have been. I have two amazing rainbow children (Joseph 14 & Jessie Mai 9) who bring joy to my life every single day. Being a rainbow mummy makes you love more deeply, appreciate everything and understand what a precious gift a child is. Your boys are beautiful and I’m sure that your angels are watching over their brothers together. 💖 xxx


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