Well done Corrie! 

This week I am hearing lots about the storyline involving Steve & Michelle in Coronation Street and their miscarriage. 

Everything I have heard so far has been nothing but praise but due to my own recent miscarriage at the end of November and the fact that it should be my  darling daughter Millie’s 5th birthday tomorrow, I am not in the right frame of mind to watch… but I will. 

I will ensure that I watch the scenes at some point as I do like to see how the media handles and potrays sensitive issues such as these and I think that it is fabulous that they are covering this storyline. Utter respect for Kym Marsh this week as it must have brought some awful memories back for her after her own personal loss many years ago. 

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I really do hope that the media does continue to show these storylines and deal with these taboo issues, because that’s what they are , taboo.

Simon Gregson has already endured the storyline with his depression which he portrayed so well and to tackle another taboo issue so soon after that, well, what a star and he has also spoken out about his own personal pregnancy loss too which I think is amazing for a man to do too. 

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Unfortunately, I know exactly how it feels to have experience of all these issues, child loss, miscarriage and mental health problems and this is why I will carry on talking, carry on making a stand and carry on writing about it. 

Huge hugs to anyone out there who has their own personal experience of baby/child loss.

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One thought on “Well done Corrie! 

  1. Mo Lawrence

    Happy 5th birthday Millie, beautiful girl xxx I too have suffered a lose, I 2as 24weeks gone with identical twin girls, I went on to have 3 more babies who are my world , but I will never forget about my lost babies, in fact we always have a little pink cake with 2 candles on to celebrate their short lives , we’ve done this every year for the past 37 years, it will be 38 years on the 24th of this month . Doing this is the only thing we can do to keep their memory alive, all those years ago when the babies were still born there’s was no funerals, they would just take your babies away and tell you, you will be back next which was supposed to be comforting, as if it could , like you it’s a terrible thing to live through, but with the love and support of a good husband and family it does get easier, I admire all you do and have done, my heart goes out to you both, your gorgeous little boy , Leo will always be precious just as my children are. God bless you all Lots of love from one broken mummy to another xxxxx

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